Turkish Arbat in Istanbul

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±10 hours
Time to final point
12 km
Istanbul is not only the Sultanahmet and the Aya Sofia.

There are also new parts, for example, the Istiklal street, which was built at the end of the 19th century. Here you will see eclectic architecture.

You will enter the luxurious Pera Palace Hotel, the first hotel of the Ottoman Empire, and see a lot of interesting and unexplored places for ordinary tourists.

The area is ideal for both tourists and locals. Locals really like to walk here.
Level of difficulty
Type of movement
On foot
Age restrictions
Author of the itinerary
Ergün Küser
The average score of the itinerary: 5.0 ⭐
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✔️ Well-thought-out itinerary with 18 locations;
✔️ Detailed map with Google Maps links for each location;
✔️ Some money saving tips;
✔️ Advice on where to go and where not to;
✔️ Three excellent places with exquisite Turkish cuisine;
✔️ Legends and interesting stories;
✔️ A nice bonus at the end.
  • You will receive a complete, step-by-step guide as a PDF file. .
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